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Greater Poitiers upgrades its public transport network

Greater Poitiers continues to upgrade its public transport network, which serves more than 50,000 passengers a day. Greater Poitiers is boosting mobility by implementing a bus rapid transit (BRT) service on right-of-way routes (including reserved lanes).

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Eurovia achieves the world’s first “fully recycled road”

Eurovia, in collaboration with VINCI Autoroutes, has recently achieved the world’s first “fully recycled road”. The “fully recycled road” was made possible through the design, in partnership with Marini-Ermont (Fayat group), of an innovative mobile continuous asphalt plant (TRX100%), which makes it possible to recycle up to 100% of asphalt aggregates. This research project won the “Route du futur” call for projects launched by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency ADEME as part of the Investing for the Future Programme. Movie


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